Warranty and Returns

  • We stand behind our products, but most importantly we stand behind you. We want you to be happy with anything you purchase from FLOAT-EH. So, if for any reason, you feel that any product you have purchased fails to live up to your expectations, please reach out to us and let us know. We always try our best to problem-solve situations to that everyone feels good about the outcome.
  • Please see specifics in our warranty and return policies below for more details.
  • Please keep in mind that you will be responsible for all shipping costs, unless the item was damaged in transit or defective.
  • Once your return is received, inspected, and approved we will send you an email to notify you that your refund will be processed. A credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within 5-7 business days.
  • ***We feel as though you would be able to gauge your product satisfaction after 1-2 uses. Anything we feel that has been used for an extended period of time might not be accepted for a full refund.
  • ***This guarantee doesn't apply in cases where the product has been abused or mishandled in any way


  • Please e-mail customerservice@float-eh.ca within 24 hours of receiving your product to report a damaged delivery.
  • You must note any box damage on the freight bill in order to file a claim. Better yet, refuse delivery if there is major damage to the shipping box.
  • If our Customer Service department finds that the item is not damaged, you may be responsible for additional shipping costs.


Unused/Unopened Inflatables: We accept returns of unopened products. Products must be returned in their original packaging and in the cardboard box that it arrived in. If you do not have the original cardboard box, you can send it back in a different box. Please note, water mats must be returned in a cardboard box. If the inflatable you are returning back to us is not in a cardboard box and it is damaged in the shipping process we will not be able to issue a refund as it will no longer be in a condition to be sold. If the inflatable box is damaged, but the inflatable is unharmed, you will be charged a re-boxing fee of $5.00. Due to the cost of freight, we are not able to cover the cost of return shipments. Once your product has been inspected and has been deemed unused and undamaged, you will be refunded. To receive your refund please provide the following information:

Send to: customerservice@float-eh.ca



Phone Number:

Proof of Purchase:

Picture of product box:

Tracking Number for return package:

Reason for return:


Warranty: We offer a three year manufacturing warranty on our inflatables and water mats. If your inflatable has a manufacturing defect (e.g., opens up along a seam or around a valve) and has been purchased within three years, once you provide the information below you are eligible to receive a replacement inflatable. Please note, we do not offer refunds on used products. See information below to access your warranty. Products that do not hold air from first inflation/first use will be eligible for a replacement. Please note, that if your inflatable is left out overnight, it may appear to have lost air in the morning. This can be due to a swing in temperatures. Overnight temperatures tend to drop significantly, causing air to contract and therefore making your inflatable look deflated. If left for the day, you will see that as the air warms, your inflatable will appear to inflate again. If this is not the case, in order to access a replacement, please send the following information:

Send to: customerservice@float-eh.ca

Purchasers Name:

Email Address:

Phone Number

Order Number:

A picture of the inflated float:

Proof of purchase:

A picture of the leak/defect*

If you are not able to provide all of the above information we will likely not be able to replace your float. 

This 3 year Warranty covers only manufacturing defects and does not apply in the following cases:

  • Loss or damage to the product due to abuse; mishandling; alteration; accident; failure to follow maintenance or storage instructions; or any acts of God, including storm or animal damage. 
  • ​Loss or damage to the product from towing or incorrect tethering.
  • Surface snags, scuffs & tears from sharp objects, including metal objects, nails, claws, swim suit ornamentation, jewelry, other water toys, etc.
  • Wear and tear from normal use and weathering, including weathering from UV light.

*If you are unable to find the leak in your float, please use the following video to see how to cover your inflatable with soapy water to find your leak. Pay particular attention to the seams as well as the valve. 

Video: Locating my Leak