Mat FAQs

How much does each water mat weigh?

Even with our mats being extra durable and thick, they are still very light for transporting. Out-of-box weights:

Lynx Lounger: 9 lbs (9 x 3.3")
Caribou Carpet: 16 lbs (9 x 6")
Polar Bear Pad: 24 lbs (13.5 x 6")
Moose Mat: 32 lbs (18 x 6")

Will the water mat fade in the sunlight?

Before purchasing our water mat please note that it is necessary to take the water mat out of the water and into storage after each use. If left out in the sun for extended periods of time the red maple leaf design will begin to fade. If you find this process daunting, you can always turn the mat upside down, if you don’t mind the red foam side fading. Please note that FLOAT-EH will not be responsible for any refunds/exchanges if you do not follow the directions above.

How much weight can each water mat hold?

Our water mats are designed to hold a lot of weight. Each mat consists of 3 layers and 1.65 inches thick of marine grade high density foam.

Evenly distributed weight each mat can hold:

Lynx Lounger: 400 lbs (9 x 3.3")
Caribou Carpet: 850 lbs (9 x 6")
Polar Bear Pad: 1300 lbs (13.5 x 6")
Moose Mat: 1800 lbs (18 x 6")

Will the water mat be difficult to roll out and roll up?

Aside from the Lynx Lounger, you will require two people to help both rolling out the water mat for use, and rolling up the water mat for storage. We made our mats extra thick so it will take some effort to roll, however over time it will get easier.

To unroll; undo the straps and have one person hold mat steady from one end, while the other unrolls the mat. To easily flatten the mat out you can flip it over and bend each side in opposite direction. Or you can put it in water and let gravity do its thing.

To roll up; take the mat out of the water and place it on the ground flag side down. With another person begin rolling as tightly as possible from the end without the grommet. Once completely rolled, have one person hold the mat while the other applies the straps.

How do I attach the tether to the grommet?

Untie the knot at the end of the bungee cord.
Once it's untied, slide off the black stopper ball.
From the backside (red foam side) of the mat, wiggle the cord through the small hole of the grommet.
Once the tether cord is through the grommet hole, place the black ball back on and tie a tight knot at the end of the cord.

I purchased an extra tether kit for my mat, how do I install the grommet?

Attach the included hole-cutter bit to your drill.
Choose the spot you want to cut on the flag side of the mat.
Drill a hole completely through the mat.
Fit in the grommet pieces in the hole on each side, and align them so the screw holes will connect.
Screw the grommet pieces together with the provided 3 screws.

Can my dog use the water mat?

If you don’t mind the flag design getting a little scratched, then of course, dogs need to float too!

Can I tow the water mat behind my boat?
Our water mats are only designed for playing or lounging on, not to be towed behind any motorized vehicle.
Will the water mat get tears or rips?

Yes with normal continuous use, minor scuffs and surface tears will occur. This does not affect the performance and usability of the water mat.

Inflatables FAQs

What are the box dimensions and weights of each float?

Beaver: 26 x 23 x 8cm (3.6 lbs)
Loon: 28 x 26 x 11cm (5.9 lbs)
Maple Leaf: 27 x 23 x 9cm (4.9 lbs)
Cannabis Leaf: 27 x 23 x 9cm (4.9 lbs)

How many people can the floats hold?

Aside from the Beaver (one person), each float can hold two adults, however they are designed to comfortably fit one.

What if the float gets a hole?

Our inflatables are made of very durable PVC, .3mm which is a lot higher than the average float. We do not expect any holes with normal use but if one were to happen each box comes equipped with patches for sealing them.

How long does it take to inflate?

With the use of an air pump (sold separately) each float should take under 5 minutes to inflate. Remember never to over-inflate.

How about deflating?

Deflating should take around the same time as inflating. Our electric pump comes with a deflation connector which can suck any remaining air for easy storage.

How can I tie down the float so it doesn’t drift away?

Each float comes with a handle or loop which you can tie a rope around and anchor.

Are these floats towable?

No, our floats are only designed for lounging on.