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Water Raft Lily Pad Floater Mat 18x6 Feet - Float-Eh
Water Raft Lily Pad Floating Mat 18x6 Feet - Float-Eh

Float-Eh Giant Floating Water Mat (18' x 6' x 1.6")

Pool Mats - Float-Eh

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The Float-Eh 18' x 6' x 1.6" water mat is the largest mat in our collection, so it is best used with your lake squad. The mat consists of 3 layers of foam equaling 1.6 inches of thickness (30% thicker than the average water mat), allowing for maximum buoyancy. The mat can hold approximately 1600 lbs. of dispersed weight so it can comfortably fit the whole clan (6-8 adults) for team tanning or napping sessions. The perfect solution if you are short on dock space or if you lose the sun. We're pretty sure you'll be hanging out on your floating mat until the sun goes down. 

Rolled Up Dimensions & Weight: 72" x 21" x 21 " - 34 lbs.

  • Float-Eh water mats come with a blue front side, and a white back side.
  • 100% non-absorbent, non-slip, premium quality, marine grade XPE (cross-linked) closed cell polyethylene foam.
  • Heat-sealed outer film protection gives its surface increased durability.
  • Inner nylon reinforcement between the layers for increased strength and longevity.
  • Each mat comes with a 12 foot anchoring tether
  • 2 velcro straps allowing for easy storage.
  • Sizing is approximate and may vary slightly.
  • 3 Year Warranty (check warranty section for details)
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For recreational use only, this won't save your life. Remove from water after use. Store in a cool, dry place with no UV rays. Be sure to read full instructions included with each float and mat.