Our National Bird is What???

When coming up with design ideas for our floaties we wanted to represent Canada’s most iconic symbols. Our first choice was a no brainer, the maple leaf. Next we needed an animal, and again an easy choice, the beaver, our 5¢ mascot. Now like all floatie lovers, you need a bird in the mix. But what bird represents Canada the most? Immediately we chose the loon; a beautiful and graceful bird admired by many cottagers. But we were surprised to find out that the loon is not the most symbolic Canadian bird. In fact, only recently (2016) did Canada acquire a National bird, and no it’s not the loon, nor the Canada goose. Snowy owl maybe? Nope, our National bird is the Grey Jay.

Able to withstand even the coldest temperatures, found in every province and territory, and a year-round inhabitant in Canada, the Grey Jay is the embodiment of a true Canadian. We wouldn’t be surprised if it could drink more beer than all the other birds too....

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