A New Way to Float

Float-Eh - Premium Water Floats for Canadians

We set out to create premium water floaties that vibe with the Canadian outdoors from coast to coast. Be it the Pacific, the Atlantic, your backyard pool, or any one of Canada's 31,752 lakes, Float-Eh's water floats are made with the highest quality PVC fabric and are able to endure every kind of wave. This summer, say goodbye to the inflatable pink flamingo and get on board a floatie inspired by iconic Canadian symbols, three of which can be found on our coin currency. We have something for whatever way you choose to float; drift down the Penticton Channel with our cannabis leaf, body surf in Tofino atop a maple leaf, lounge on our beaver and loon in Muskoka, or anchor our Canadian mat to your dock and float the summer away.

More Canadian Water Facts

  • As we mentioned, Canada has over 31,000 lakes. That's 50% of the world's lakes.
  • Of the 10 provinces in Canada, Quebec has the most dams (333).
  • Citizens of Prince Edward Island use groundwater as a main water source.
  • The Great Lakes provide drinking water to almost 1/4 of Canadians.
  • Little Manitou Lake in Saskatchewan is known as Canada's Dead Sea. You can float without a floatie.

Float-Eh - Premium Water Floats for Canadians

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