FLOAT-EH at the Spring Cottage Life Show

FLOAT-EH is posting up at the Spring Cottage Life Show for the first time from March 22 to March 25. This is an annual exhibition held in Mississauga, ON for Canada's most dedicated cottage-goers. Stop in to pre-order from our collection and meet our team. As you can probably guess, we're an easy going bunch. Float-Eh's founder Daniel Spray will be there to chat about all things Canada. In case you're wondering, the surname came before the company.

We'll be giving away a water mat to a lucky winner that subscribes to our newsletter. If you happen to be around our booth (# 2643), stop in and sign up for our mailing list. You may walk away with a prize of up to $639.99 in value. This contest ends once the cottage show comes to a close. You can purchase tickets here for the 2018 exhibition and get a new float in time for May long weekend - it's really not as far away as you think.

Float-Eh Spring Cottage Life Show 2018

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